Corporate Seminars

Seed practitioners also offer popular corporate health seminars conducted in your workplace. Seminars are often conducted during lunchtime and are usually around 45 minutes which includes 15 minutes for question time. We provide a PDF of slides which you can print for all attendees.

Popular group topics for corporate clients in the past have included:

1. Nutrition for energy and focus
Learn about dietary recommendations to give you more energy and avoid that 3pm slump! Be more productive in your workday and still have time for the things you love!

2. Supporting your immune system
A great topic to discuss before the weather changes – how you can use food as medicine to improve your immunity and prevent and treat common colds and flus.

3. 10 steps to healthy eating
This seminar shows you how to incorporate simple nutrition and lifestyle tips for optimal health and wellness in ten easy steps.

4. Work lunches – ideas and organisation tips
What to eat and take to work for lunch and snacks can be confusing. Sometimes it feels easier just to buy your lunch and not eat mindfully. This seminar gives you ideas for easy lunches and snacks (both homemade and readily purchased) so you don’t find yourself skipping meals or reaching for the chocolate.

5. Busting health myths – what is true and what is not?
There is so much confusion about healthy foods – is soy good or bad? Are coconuts good for you? Are you trying to include or avoid fats? This seminar busts these myths and more and teaches you how to bust health myths for yourself.

We also offer the option of mini one-on-one health consults for your employees. The mini-consults usually take between 10-15 minutes per consultation and are very popular with staff. Please contact for more information and how we can work within your company budget.