Babies’ and Children’s Health

Supporting optimal health in babies and children is crucial to helping them to grow up and achieve their highest health potential. As parents, we have the special role of looking after our children’s diet and lifestyle and caring for them during times of illness. What we do in these young years can set up the health and happiness of the child for life.

At times this can be truly overwhelming as our children are being constantly exposed to health challenges. These challenges include a rushed and stressful lifestyle; exposure to food additives, excessive sugar, harmful chemicals in cleaning and personal care products, medications, antibiotics, radiation from mobile phones and wifi, pollution and so much more!

While these factors can create a toxic effect on children and contribute to many health problems, we can help to support the body by optimising health and nutrition and prioritising sleep and a healthy lifestyle. The answer isn’t too be stressed and find it “all too hard” but to understand the needs of your child and how to best support them.

The Naturopaths at Seed Health and Wellness understand that changes can be tricky for children (and their parents!), however we can help you and your child to make gradual changes that can result in a significant difference.

From newborn babies to teens, we are dedicated to improving the health of the next generation.

Naturopathic treatment aims to find and address the cause of the problem and provide individual and lasting treatment for your child or family.

Common conditions treated in children include:

  • Colic and reflux
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Poor immunity
  • Colds and flu
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Eczema and rashes
  • Pyrrole disorder
  • Sleep problems
  • Asthma
  • ADHD and behavioural disorders
  • Autism and Asperger’s syndrome