Anxiety and Depression

We all experience times of heightened stress and anxiety and low mood due to the demands of modern life.  However, when anxiety and depression become self-perpetuating and not linked to difficult circumstances there is often an underlying physiological cause.

These causes may include inadequate sleep, excessive caffeine and alcohol intake, irregular eating patterns, poor diet and nutritional deficiencies, poor gut function, thyroid disorders, port-partum depression, hormonal imbalances and inflammation.

The Naturopaths at Seed Health and Wellness provide support to those with anxiety and depression by addressing the underlying causes and providing achievable ways in which to lessen their impact. Pathology testing is used to identify contributing factors and assist prescription choices.

Treatments for mood disorders include nutritional and herbal medicines, dietary modification to improve nutritional status and stabilise blood sugar, stress reduction and improved sleep with supplements and herbal medicine and encouraging regular exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation.

Underlying conditions such as thyroid disorders, pyrroles or hormonal imbalances will be treated as a priority for those with anxiety and/or depression.